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Security guard services are what we excel at providing.

Below is an overview of those services and the industries we secure.

Security Guards & Security Services


Your customers expect you to get it right. Right product, right quality, right on time. Shouldn’t you expect the same from your security guard provider?

We provide security guards and guard services for long and short-term security needs. Our security officers are professionally trained and prepared to handle your unique security needs.

United American Security’s guards protect commercial, industrial, governmental and institutional assets. UAS provides protection for the warehousing, distribution, transportation, manufacturing, petrochemical, corporate, distilling industries.

We are regionally located for a regional response. With our corporate headquarters in Raleigh, NC, our Midwest region headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio our Mid-Atlantic region headquartered in Virginia Beach, Virginia and our Southern region headquartered in Tampa, Florida, United American Security is positioned to deliver a fast, local response for you.

UAS combines the best guards with the best practices. The result has been consistent growth and long-term relationships due to very satisfied clients. Because of our experienced management team and continuous improvement, our customers consistently tell us that we deliver dependable, reliable top-quality guard services. With UAS, you can feel confident that your company will receive world class service and superior results at competitive pricing.

We are the most trusted Security Guard provider in the business.

Reliable, Trained, Professional, Uniformed Security Guards and Security Services.


You need security guard services for very specific reasons. You need to be able to count on your security company and be confident in their ability to perform their duties. If you can’t, they’re useless.

Quality is key. Consistency is crucial. UAS takes the worry out of contracting security guards.

License Information:

  • Alabama: 28600
  • Arizona: 1703336
  • Arkansas: CMPY.0002754
  • Colorado, Denver: 2018-BFN-0005729
  • Delaware: 18-202-B
  • Florida: License B 1200012
  • Georgia: PSC002315
  • Indiana: SG20700079
  • Kentucky
  • Louisiana: 948
  • Maryland: 106-4321
  • Michigan: 3801206290
  • Mississippi
  • Missouri, Kansas City: 88732
  • Nebraska
  • Nevada: #2645
  • New Jersey: 1411
  • New York: 1111873
  • North Carolina: 1978-GP
  • Ohio: 201121001836
  • Pennsylvania: 668-A
  • South Carolina: 2937
  • South Dakota
  • Tennessee: 10865661
  • Texas: B20090
  • Virginia: 11-6404
  • Washington DC: SAB18952
  • Washington: 114244
  • West Virginia: 70438
  • Wisconsin: 17228-62
  • Wyoming





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