Area Eyesore Targeted for Clean-Up - Palm Coast, FL

Officials in Daytona Beach are eyeing revenue from a proposed sales tax increase to fix up some of the areas biggest eyesores. The property on Division Lane is one such area being considered for improvement. The area around the dead end street has become overgrown and is now a haven for drug dealers and squatters. Police and city officials are looking for a proactive solution to the problem that will benefit the overall neighborhood and improve the quality of life for residents.

Vacant lots and other overgrown areas can become magnets for crime. If the area around your commercial building has a lot that has become a nuisance you may have no choice but to increase your own security measures. The example covered in this recent news article related to public property, but when the problem occurs on private grounds local officials have fewer options available. Business owners that have to grapple with a lot that has become a hotbed of criminal activity often become frustrated with what they consider the city's inaction.

Increasing your own security measures may help to dissuade criminals from accessing areas near your property. When you have bright motion detecting lights and surveillance cameras they may decide to take their illicit behavior elsewhere. Another effective option is hiring an on-site overnight guard that can increase the protection of your property. 

The team at UAS has the skills you need to deter your area from becoming a popular location for criminal activity. We can assist you with perimeter security, patrols, surveillance, and crime deterrence. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how they can help you.

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