Brazen Car Thief Works in Broad Daylight - Kansas City, MO

Two local employees, one at Linwood Super Foods and the other at Metro PCS near 34th Street and Troost Avenue, were shocked by a car thief working in broad daylight. The incident occurred in the same afternoon, and luckily for one victim, the second attempt was thwarted. Police are asking for any information regarding the suspect who was captured on surveillance video. The first theft occurred at the Super Foods where the thief asked the owner if his car was for sale and then stole it after he was told that it was not for sale. The second incident was stopped by a friend of the vehicle owner who was able to run alongside the car and then climb into the vehicle and scare the robber away. The two incidents occurred within an hour of each other.

The robberies have a lot of local Kansas City business owners worried about their own parking lots and the safety of their staff and patrons. It is unusual for such robberies to take place in the middle of the day, especially when there are a lot of people around who could serve as eyewitnesses. Because of the brazen nature of this criminal activity, business owners are finding out more about ways to up their security game. 

Surveillance cameras can only do so much, and they are unlikely to deter crime, as evidenced by these two criminal incidents. If you are a business owner that wants to provide a higher level of security to your customers and staff, it's time to talk to UAS. Our security experts can help you to actively patrol your parking lot and property and ensure that criminals are made to feel unwelcome. Contact us today to schedule your comprehensive security assessment, you'll be glad you did!

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