Burglary Ring Suspects Appear in Court - Union, NJ

A group of burglars that have targeted cell phone and cosmetic stores has been caught and have appeared in court. The criminals targeted beauty stores and cell phone stores because they are easy to penetrate and are known to have cash on hand as well as many re-saleable product items. The group used a stolen van in the robberies, with their usual schedule seeing them break into the stores around midnight by smashing the front windows. The burglars would then throw the products into a large garbage bag before escaping. They are thought to be responsible for the theft of items totaling over $300,000 in value and robbed stores across the state in multiple counties.

Cell phone stores are often the targets of theft because of the ease with which smartphones can be sold on the black market. Cosmetic stores also carry a lot of inventory that can be easily stolen and resold, with many high-end products worth more than $100 apiece. Glass-fronted stores present a challenge when it comes to security, as thieves can use a hammer or other tool to break into the store quickly. Alarms and the subsequent response from local police is long enough for them to get in, grab a lot of items, and get away before the police arrive. 

Monitored surveillance cameras can help companies such as those targeted by this ring to protect themselves more effectively. Response times can be cut down, and the authorities can be notified immediately when there is any suspicious activity. Employing an overnight guard is perhaps the most effective options, as their presence will help to deter crime altogether.

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