Car Theft Leads to Identity Theft - Orlando, FL

Police are on the lookout for one or possibly two women who are trying to cash checks they found in a vehicle they broke into. Residents are reminded not to leave valuables in their cars and to make sure that their vehicles are always locked and secure. The perpetrator smashed the windows and stole checks from purses and wallets that were in the burgled vehicles. It is unclear if they had any success in cashing other checks. Luckily for the ID theft victim, a teller noticed that the woman did not match the ID and notified authorities.

The greater Orlando area police forces want to remind local residents that car theft can often lead to more serious crimes, such as ID theft in this case. When a criminal steals a car, or takes valuable personal information from a car break-in, it allows them to go on to commit more serious crimes. It is important to keep your car locked at all times and remember to take all valuables with you.

Commercial property owners who want to prevent break-ins at their locations are urged to increase their security measures. Parking lots are a prime target for criminals because of the high number of vehicles in a concentrated area. When people leave their cars unlocked, or have their purses or wallets inside in plain sight, they increase the chances of criminal activity.

Vehicle patrols of parking lots are an effective way to cut down on criminal activity on your property. If you want to learn more about your security and safety options, contact the team at UAS to schedule a consultation. We will provide you with a comprehensive plan that will increase the safety of your property and patrons.

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