Church Music Director Accused in Bizarre Crime - St. Petersburg, FL

A St. Petersburg area man lied about his involvement in the movie Toy Story 4 in order to target an elderly man. Officials were lucky to discover the crime and put the perpetrator behind bars. If you have an elderly family member you understand just how often they are targeted in criminal schemes. 

While there is no way to prevent people from lying to you, or protecting elderly relatives from fraudulent criminals, there are security services available to help keep you and your family safe. Older Florida residents who may be victims of crimes are finding that living in gated communities with a higher degree of security has helped to protect them from fraud and other crimes. 

We recommend that neighborhood associations utilize fencing and post gate guards at the entrances and exits of their communities. When you have a gated community it limits access to criminals and can help keep your family safe. Night vehicle patrols are another way of discouraging would-be criminals from targeting your neighborhood. Fraudulent characters have been known to go door to door looking for their next mark. Living in a gated community with controlled access is an effective way to avoid such criminal behavior.

If you are the head of a neighborhood association and want to increase the safety of your residents, we are here to help. The team at UAS possesses the knowledge and skills necessary to establish an effective security protocol for your community. Contact us today to set up a consultation for us to learn more about your security needs and how we can help.

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