Church Victim of Materials Theft - Raleigh, NC

The True Covenant Missionary Baptist Church has a plan to build a new sanctuary to better serve its congregation. Those plans have been foiled due to the theft of the building supplies that were to be used in the project. The church had three truckloads of bricks delivered that were stolen from the lot where the new church was to be built. Because this is a small church with a congregation of modest means, it is unclear when the building project will begin now. Police have no suspects in the crime, with the only evidence of tire tracks in the mud in the empty lot.

Building supplies, such as the bricks stolen from this local congregation, are popular targets because it is easy to resell them. Construction and building sites are commonly targeted because of the value of supplies and items left at the work site after hours. We recommend that anyone undergoing a project where there will be a lot of valuable building materials and supplies to implement a robust security plan. Large job sites are especially vulnerable to theft because of their high profile and the number of supplies and materials that are kept on site.

Secure fencing is the first step in protecting your assets. We also recommend a gated entry that is staffed with experienced guards as well as overnight perimeter patrols. The team at UAS has a vast amount of experience in protecting construction and other projects sites, and we welcome the opportunity to work with you.

A comprehensive review of the project plan as well as a study of the landscape surrounding the site. We will provide a full report of your security needs and work with you to implement an effective plan. Contact UAS today to schedule your appointment.

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