Criminal Targets a Local Mom in Grocery Store Robbery Attempt - Houston, TX

The Central Market in Highland Village was the scene of a disturbing robbery attempt when two suspects tried to rob a local mother who was with her 2-year old child. The police are still looking for the suspect and the driver of the getaway car. The woman was able to quickly reverse out of her spot after she saw the armed assailant try to open her passenger-side door. Neither the woman nor her child were injured in the attempt. There is no surveillance footage available at the present time, according to the police.

Parking lots can prove to be dangerous even during the day when there is a lot of activity. Many shopping center owners are turning to both foot and vehicle patrols in order to keep their shoppers safe. Golf carts can be a great way to keep lots free of unwanted activity and make them less desirable for criminals. Surveillance cameras and strong lighting are just the first steps in making sure that your clients are safe when they visit your location. If you are concerned about the crime trends in your area, it's time to consider parking lot patrols.

UAS has the professional team that you need to ensure that your shoppers can enjoy a safe and convenient experience when they are patronizing your business. We offer a full slate of security services including foot and vehicle patrols, perimeter monitoring, uniformed guards, and gatekeepers. Unfortunately, there are people in our area who have ill-intent and may target your customers when they are running errands and going about their business. When you provide a secure environment to your customers they will often choose your business over one that is less secure. Contact us today to schedule your safety review and learn how we can help you provide a safe environment to your patrons.

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