How to Prevent Insider Crime

An inside job...

Are you familiar with the term "insider crime?" It sounds like what it means. Rather, insider crime is when someone on the inside is stealing from you. In the case of a business, this would mean an employee or hired contractor. At home, it could be a relative, a friend, a nanny, or someone else who you trustingly welcome into your living space. Insider crime is one of those things that you think may never happen to you because you only know good people. But, know that it is, in fact, a very real thing. Here are the best ways for how to prevent insider crime.

Who is the criminal?

First and foremost, Step One in how to prevent insider crime is considering who would want to steal from you in the first place. Is there an employee at work who is particularly unhappy with his or her job? Or, is there a contractor who feels like he or she is getting ripped off? It could even be a friend who is jealous of things that you have in your home. All of these people could turn from simply thinking about committing a crime to actually stealing from you. Furthermore, it's important to recognize that someone who commits an insider crime doesn't always have to be good at stealing physical goods. Stealing identities online or electronic credit card information are digital crimes that also count as insider crime.

What does the criminal want?

After you consider suspicious individuals who are capable of insider crime, think about what they would want to steal. For example, if you work in retail, it may be physical goods or credits cards you have on file. This can be especially attractive during the holidays. For a financial company, it may be private information or research of future merger plans. If you work for a public company, it could be intellectual property, or new product information that is not yet public. If you believe it's within your home, it could be cash or other valuable goods that you trust are safe. As you can see, a criminal can find pretty much anything attractive, depending on his or her motives. So, err on the side of caution! Next is the most crucial step on how to prevent insider crime.

Take Precaution!

Now that you know who is a suspect, and what they want, consider hiring professionals to help you keep your belongings safe. Security guards will protect your business or home from insider crime in a variety of ways. First, simply having a security guard presence can lower the risk of insider crime. Security guards can also set up cameras and other ways to monitor areas if you are especially worried about items going missing. Hiring security is a great step in taking precaution to increase workplace or home safety and reduce insider crime. Finally, if you have been a victim of insider crime, security guards can help to ensure the proper protocol is in place to confront a criminal who is also a friend or colleague.

If you believe you may be a victim of insider crime, United American Security provides security guards across the United States to address this sensitive issue. Contact us to learn more.

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