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A Unique Environment

You may think of security guards and immediately think of corporate offices, a mall, or a neighborhood association. These are all places where security guards often find employment. But, did you know that there are also many interesting security guard jobs? The great thing about being a security guard is that you have the flexibility to work in multiple environments. This is truly something that is not common in most careers. So, if work in a unique setting is appealing to you, consider these interesting security guard jobs.


Security guards can find employment in museums. If you are a fan of art, this could be the perfect fit for you. Security guards in museums monitor expensive works of art to make sure that patrons do not touch them, or in some cases, even photograph them if they are very delicate. They also ensure that rooms are not overcrowded and that there are no signs of suspicious activity taking place within the museum. Furthermore, in some cases, security guards help children find their families if they've gone missing. A position as a museum security guard surely has a wide array of job responsibilities.


Security guards who work in casinos are more likely than not "behind the scenes." There is a huge amount of security at casinos, in order to carefully monitor players for suspicious activity. In fact, next time you're in a casino, simply look up at the ceiling. You will see cameras everywhere! Security guards will monitor these cameras to ensure that players or dealers are not cheating and stealing money. A casino is an exciting place to work if you enjoy nightlife and have a keen eye for observation.

Parks and Festivals.

If you love the outdoors, finding work as a security guard at a park or though an outdoor festival can be a great option. With the former, parks can employ security guards year round. Festivals typically take place for only a few days throughout the year, so if you want to take up extra work, besides your regular job, this option could be a great way to make additional income. Security guards at parks and festivals typically patrol the area by foot and are employed to keep the peace. Additional duties include helping people if they have an emergency until authorities arrive. Parks and festivals typically attract a large amount of people, so it's important to have security guards there.

As you can see, there are many interesting security guard jobs that go beyond the typical idea of this type of work. To learn more about exciting career options in the security guard field, contact United American Security.

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