Lakewood Police Blotter Shows Multiple Car Thefts - Cleveland, OH

Police in the Lakewood area are on the lookout for a car thief or thieves that have targeted vehicles in the community. It is unclear if they are related, but they did occur in close proximity to one another within the Lakewood area, at Nelson Court and West 117th Street. There are not a lot of details available but residents are advised to keep their cars locked, remove any valuables from their car every night, and keep them in a locked garage whenever possible. In addition to these helpful hints, many Cleveland area residents are wondering what else they can do to keep their vehicles and other property safe.

If you are in a neighborhood that does not employ security guards or have a gated entrance, it may be time to consider adding these security enhancements. Thieves like to go to areas where there are easy pickings and don't want to have to work too hard. If your community is interested in increasing its safety profile surveillance cameras and enhanced lighting equipment is a good place to start. Motion sensitive lighting can help to deter criminals while making it easier to keep an eye on your property.

Additionally, you may want to consider adding active security patrols to your community. When you have professionally trained guards on-site it is far less likely that criminals will target your neighborhood. And in the event that they do, professional guards know what steps to take to minimize the impact of criminal behavior. The team at UAS is here to fulfill all of the security needs of the greater Cleveland area, for both citizens and businesses. Interested in learning more? Contact us today and we can begin with a consultation about your safety and security needs.

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