Local Grocery Store Parking Lot Scene of Attempted Car Theft - Phoenix, AZ

Shopping at the grocery store with your toddler shouldn't ever turn into a traumatic experience, but that's exactly what happened to one local man and his 2-year old. A couple was able to coax him away from his car in the store's parking lot and they then proceeded to take off, not knowing that the child was in the back car seat. Fortunately, the would-be car thieves and unknowing kidnappers abandoned the car and child just a short distance away. The pair were taken into custody by the Phoenix police thanks to the efforts of two Good Samaritans.

If you own a retail store or shopping center, you may be considering the options that are available to increase the safety of your customers. In addition to surveillance cameras and improved lighting, there are not many devices that will enhance the security of your property. An effective choice is to add guard patrols to your lighting and camera improvements. Uniformed guards are able to deter crime by monitoring the area either on foot or via a bike, car, or golf cart patrol. Depending on the size of the parking lot, a combination of patrol types may be best.

The team at UAS is here to help you keep your Phoenix-area property safe and free of crime. Our fully-trained security guards know what to do to both prevent crime and diffuse any dangerous situations. The man in the attempted car theft is fortunate that both his baby and his car were found safe and sound as we all know that this is not always the case.

UAS is here to help you put an effective and unobtrusive security plan in place that will protect your customers and the people who work on your property. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.


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