Local Hindu Temple Vandalized with Hate Messages - Harlan, KY

A Hindu temple located in the greater Louisville, KY area was the target of graffiti and spray painted hateful messages on the walls of the temple. It is sad that houses of worship are not completely safe from such actions in today's world. The perpetrators broke windows to enter the temple and once inside spray painted the walls, stole items, and caused further damage.  

Graffiti can seem like a nuisance at first, but it is meant to cause damage, and it often makes people feel unsafe. When it is used in such a hateful manner, people are right to feel concerned. Mayor Greg Fischer voiced his concern about the crime and added that the police are asking for the public's help in bringing the vandals to justice.

Fortunately, with the right security plan, you can keep your church or temple safe from vandalism such as this tragic example. Motion activated lighting, monitored security cameras, fencing, and on-premises guards are some of the features of a solid security plan. This options along with patrols and perimeter safety can prevent sad incidents like this one from happening. 

Contact the team at UAS today to schedule a consultation. A comprehensive review of your current security plan is the first step in meeting shortfalls and closing any gaps. We are experienced in providing top-notch security to churches, synagogues, temples, homes, and businesses. We can help you to put the right security plan in place to keep your property and people safe. 


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