Man Arrested for Suspected Car Theft and Other Charges - Greensboro, NC

A local man was spotted driving a black Ford truck that had been reported stolen. Police were able to locate the vehicle on Oakridge Road and apprehend the suspect. The incident is being used by police to remind area residents that securing their vehicles is the best prevention of theft. Stolen vehicles are often used in other serious crimes and encourage more crime in the area. 

This crime was discovered due to an eyewitness alerting police of the whereabouts of the stolen vehicle. Observant residents who follow the comings and goings in their neighborhoods are another asset for police in the prevention of crime. If your neighborhood has been the target of crimes such as this one it's time to look into your security options.

Many neighborhood associations are using vehicle patrols to keep a watch on their homes, especially at night time. A patrol is an effective crime deterrent and can also notice any behavior leading up to a crime, such as potential thieves casing the neighborhood. Residents who do not live in a gated community still have safety options available to them.

If you are the president of a neighborhood association that wants to learn more about upgraded security and safety options, it's time to contact UAS. Our consultation process is comprehensive and outlines all available security measures. We will work with you to find the solutions that make sense for your community and residents. UAS cares about our community and we are here to help make it safer for everyone.

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