Night Shift Security Guards

Criminals May Work More at Night

Whether you like it or not, it's common that criminals make their moves at night. There are likely to be less people around at night, and the bad guys use this to their advantage. For this reason, having security at your business during the night shift can help to reduce crime. Night shift security guards are different than daytime security guards in a lot of ways. Once difference is it's less likely that night shift security guards interact with people at the business. Here are some important functions of night shift security guards.


Night shift security guards are responsible for the prevention of crime at night. This means monitoring the area that needs to be under surveillance. If it's a large space, the guard will patrol the area by foot or vehicle (probably not a bicycle due to darkness). For example, if a security guard works in a warehouse he will patrol the building, as well as the property. The goal of patrol is to ensure there are no signs of criminal activity.

Keeping Records.

Furthermore, night shift security guards work to keep meticulous records of what happens at night. If there are guests entering and exiting a premises, guards take note of this. They also write down any suspicious activity or important things for documenting a case against a suspected criminal. Should someone be arrested, these records will certainly come in handy to help build a case.

Addressing Concerns.

In businesses where people are around 24/7, night time can be a time where people tend to act out or cause a scene. Maybe it's the lack or sleep, or the result of having too much alcohol, but when it turns dark, security guards work harder to keep the peace. For example, a security guard a hotel may be required to deal with children causing mischief, or guests trying to access a room that doesn't belong to them. Whatever the case may be, it's important for security guards to be on call to address concerns of both guests, as well as employees of certain places of business. Security guards are valuable assets to businesses both day at night. Since night time can be a time where more suspicious activities occur, it's a smart idea to have security guards on staff. If you are thinking about hiring or working as a night shift security guard, contact United American Security, which operates in many states throughout the US.
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