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A fresh air job

Whether you are currently experiencing frozen temperatures, or you live in an area of the United States where it's now perfect weather, a job that takes place primarily outdoors may be appealing to you. Did you know that there are many types of outdoor security jobs that you can secure for yourself? The great thing about being a security guard is that the work is incredibly flexible. So, if you are seeking to transfer environments to get some fresh and and exercise, consider these outdoor security jobs that can fit the bill.

Gated Communities.

A great option for outdoor security jobs is within gated communities. Here, security guards can have a number of different responsibilities. A guard can patrol a neighborhood by foot or by bike to ensure that there is nothing amiss. Furthermore, security guards can work in the gate house to check in visitors and residents. Gated communities who employ security guards are not only safer, but can be more ideal places to live. Security guards who work in gated communities perform a variety of job responsibilities in the outdoors.


Construction jobs need security guards too! While this type of environment may be overlooked, having security guards on construction sites is important. After all, construction sites are outside, and have a lot of valuable things on them. So, having a security guard on duty can help to prevent crime. Furthermore, it's a great idea to have security guards patrol construction sites at night, when the workers have gone home for the day. It's during this time that crimes can be committed and valuable items could be stolen. If you like working outdoors and you like the night shift, an outdoor security job at a construction site could be the perfect fit for you.


Security guards for private parks and green space perform a variety of duties, depending on what the employer requests. In many cases, security guards in parks serve as a visible presence for safety and maintaining the peace when there are large groups of people around. Rather, security guards increase security by wearing uniforms and patrolling park space by foot or bike. Security guards can intervene in these outdoor spaces should there be a fight, or if someone witnesses illegal behavior. If there is a serious crime taking place, security guards will alert the proper authorities. As you can see, outdoor security jobs can be exciting and rewarding. To learn more about working in these types of environments, or to hire security guards for these types of environments, United American Security can help. Contact us to learn more.
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