Police Investigating Bank Robbery - Reno, NV

Many business owners in the greater Reno area received a wake-up call recently when Great Basin Bank was robbed. The bank, located on South McCarran, was held up by one individual who was able to flee before police arrived. Tellers were able to alert police through their internal alarm system, and the police force received two alarms from the bank prior to their arrival. Unfortunately, this branch did not employ a full-time security guard who could have been a possible deterrent of the crime. 

While banks do have a more robust security system than many other types of businesses, the recent robbery at Great Basin Bank is a stark reminder that they are not immune to crime. If you own a retail business that offers easy access to the public, it may be time to think about employing a security guard to help keep your employees and patrons safe from harm. 

The staff at Great Basin Bank handled the robbery under the proper safety protocol and thankfully, no one was injured. Even though the teller followed the hold-up and robbery procedures, the robber was able to flee the bank with an undetermined amount of money. There are some steps that businesses can take to decrease the chances of this happening. A security guard who is visible can help deter robberies and other crime as it is easier to target a business that has not taken the time or care to upgrade their safety measures.

Are you a Reno, NV area business owner who wants the peace of mind that comes with having upgraded security? Contact the UAS team today for a security assessment of your area location and learn how a security guard can help increase the safety level.


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