Police on the Lookout for Car Thieves - Omaha, NE

There has been a rash of car thefts in the greater Omaha area that has the police advising residents to increase their safety efforts. Both the police department and the Douglas County Sheriff's Office are raising the alarm over a disturbingly high number of car thefts at the beginning of 2019. In addition to the thefts, some of the stolen vehicles have been used in subsequent crimes committed in the Omaha area. Police noted that many of the thefts are occurring in apartment complex parking lots where there are a lot of vehicles located in a small area.

If you own or manage an apartment complex or building you might want to take the time now to review your security and safety plan. The Omaha police do not think that this wave of thefts are an isolated incident, and warn that they may continue for some time. In order to maintain a level of comfort at your complex it is important to provide security to its residents. The news of theft will travel quickly and can even affect your occupancy rates. Omaha police are still looking for the two suspects who stole the vehicles referenced above, but they make it clear that these are not the only criminals in the area.

UAS offers comprehensive security services that can help you keep your apartment buildings safe and secure. A comprehensive evaluation is the first step where parameter security is addressed, and the safety at the entrances and exits to the property. Gate security that controls who is able to enter the area is an effective option. Foot, bicycle, and vehicle patrols are also a good way to keep your residents safe. Monitored surveillance cameras and enhanced security lighting are also a smart addition to any safety plan.


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