Police Storage Trailer Stolen - Omaha, NE

Police are happy to have recovered a storage trailer that is used to haul and store equipment related to their youth sports programs. It is unclear if the thieves knew of the contents or just took the trailer because it was noticeably weighed down. The theft took place in the early morning hours when the lock was sawed off of the hitch. The trailer and its contents were later recovered at 42nd and Harrison in the parking lot of the local chapter of the Fraternal Order of Eagles. The Police Athletic Community Engagement (PACE) program was pleased to report that all of the items inside the trailer were still there.

Because this trailer is not used for police duty, it is not kept in a secure location, and was parked at 36th and Q streets over the weekend. Inside the trailer was $1,500 of chalk that is used to line the many athletic fields that are used as part of the youth sports program. This theft is just one example of the fact that the hardworking Omaha police force cannot patrol all areas of the city on a 24-hour basis. If you have valuables that you need to leave outside of a gated area overnight, or your business has been exposed to criminal activity, you are not alone. 

The team at UAS provides a full range of security services, from uniformed guards located in your place of business to foot and vehicle patrols that keep the perimeter of your property protected. We all know that the police do a great job of keeping our city safe, but unfortunately, this resource is not always enough. Contact us today to learn more about the difference our professionally trained staff can make to your business security.


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