Recent Vandalism has Denver Police Re-thinking Capitol Security - Aurora, CO

The Colorado Capitol was recently vandalized by someone who snuck in through an unsecured door. The incident occurred around early in the morning and was captured on surveillance video. It surprised many people in the Aurora, CO area that such an important building had such a lax security policy in place. Many area businesses are increasing their security due to crime that has occurred in recent days.

Many historical artifacts of importance to the state of Colorado were damaged and destroyed including items that were dropped from the second-floor balcony. Police have a suspect in custody but did not reveal the value of the damaged items. It is unfortunate for the citizens of Colorado that important historical artifacts are now lost due to the oversight of a door being left unsecured.

If you own a business that has a lot of valuable items in your lobby, or you are interested in protecting your property 24/7 it may be time to up your security plan. A comprehensive safety evaluation can help you identify any gaps in door and window security as well as improvements that can be made to your surveillance equipment. In many cases, a uniformed guard is an essential part of a complete plan. With a uniformed guard, you are able to keep criminals at bay and increase your overall safety profile. 

There are many different options available when you work with a full-service security company. The team at UAS recommends that business owners in the greater Aurora area consider increasing their security plan in order to avoid losses like the one reported above. With our team of professionals on the job you can rest assured that everything is in place and your property and personnel are safe.

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