Responsibilities of Security Guards

Important Job Responsibilities.

If you are considering hiring a security guard, you are probably curious about what, exactly, they do. For starters, no two security jobs look alike. The nature of the security guard business is to cater to each client's specific needs. However, there are general responsibilities of security guards that are important elements of each job. Security guards work hard to keep people and places safe through a variety of different tactics. We breakdown the responsibilities of security guards in an easy-to-understand way so you know exactly what you should look for when hiring a security guard company.

Responsibility 1. Alertness.

Being alert is perhaps the most important responsibility of a security guard. If you have a guard who is sleeping on the job, you're in a lot of trouble! A good security guard is trained to go above and beyond what we would consider a normal level of alertness. To a civilian, a parked vehicle may seem harmless, but a guard may notice that the same vehicle has been there for days, possibly staking out the location to cause harm. Security guards must remain alert at all times when on the job. Failing to do so could result in a serious crime.

Responsibility 2. Reporting.

Many security guard training programs include a reporting component. This is true for both armed and unarmed guards. Security guards must know about reporting, because often times they are a reliable set of eyes if a crime were committed. Helping authorities to create crime reports can help to catch the criminal faster.

Responsibility 3. Responsiveness.

Security guards are incredibility responsive and should be prepared to "think on their feet." When it's a life or death situation, responding in a timely manner can literally save lives. However, security guards also need to think through situations and assess the safety of themselves and others. The responsive responsibility also needs to come with common sense.

Responsibility 4. Visibility.

Depending on the situation, security guards should be clearly visible to all civilians. The presence of a security guard alone can drastically cut down on crime. For example, security guards often wear uniforms and patrol in clearly marked vehicles or bicycles. However, plain clothed security guards also exist for businesses who take the discrete approach. Whatever the case may be for your situation, security guards can be visible to others or they can blend into the crowd.

As you can see, these responsibilities of security guards are important characteristics that require training and experience. United American Security employs skilled security guards throughout the United States who can assist you with cutting back on crime.

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