Robbery Turns into Dangerous Car Chase - Aurora, CO

Police in Aurora were involved in a bank robbery turned high-speed chase when the Wells Fargo bank at 2222 S. Buckley Road was robbed. The bank employees were able to give police a description of the alleged robber as well as the getaway car. Fortunately, members of the Aurora PD were able to apprehend the subject without any further damage or injury. In cases such as this one, it is easy to imagine a much worse outcome than what occurred. Fortunately, for everyone involved, the police were able to contain the situation and avoid further problems. 

When a bank has a uniformed guard on premises they can act as a deterrent to crime and prevent an armed robbery from taking place. If a robbery should occur, the guard is fully trained to help diffuse the situation and provide protection until the police arrive. Wells Fargo has a protocol in place that instructs front-line employees on the best steps to take in the event of a robbery. In addition to having well-trained tellers and bank staff, security guards are able to provide a further level of protection. 

At UAS, our guards are trained to provide an additional level of safety and security to your staff and customers in every situation. Realizing that the police cannot be everywhere we need them to be, it makes sense to increase your security profile. In addition to being a deterrent to crime, the guards are able to provide enhanced protection in the event that a crime does occur. Contact us today to find out how our team can help your bank or other business increase safety and security at your establishment.

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