Security Guards and Detectives

Working hand in hand

Security guards often times have similar job responsibilities to those working in law enforcement. In some states, the responsibilities of security guards and police officers may have quite a bit of overlap. And sometimes, being in law enforcement can automatically qualify you to become a security guard. Even if you don't have a background in law enforcement, if you work certain types of security jobs, there may be a good chance that you interact with them. Security guards and detectives can often times be coworkers. Here, we explain the relationships between security guards and detectives.

Preventing Theft.

If a business suspects someone is stealing from them, security guards can help to monitor what is going on. If you take it a step further, a detective may be involved to solve the crime and catch the criminal. Typically, a detective will do the "behind the scenes" work of building a case agains the suspect. A security guard is more on the ground, working to catch the bad guy. So, security guards and detectives work hand in hand to prevent theft from businesses.

Patrolling Areas.

Along the same lines, security guards and detectives can spend time together patrolling areas of their job for crime and other safety concerns. While a detective builds the case, a security guard will likely be on foot, bike, or vehicle patrol of an area to ensure that it is secure. In most situations, a detective is not providing the surveillance in the same way a guard will. Rather, they are on the scene to learn more information and collect clues.

Working Undercover.

Finally, security guards and detectives both may work undercover to catch a criminal. Security guards can be uniformed or wear plain clothes. An undercover detective will enlist the help of a security guard if he or she is already working in that location to provide additional eyes and ears. Some security guards are trained to hold criminals while law enforcement arrives, making them ideal partners. They are also extensively trained on report writing and providing more context to police officers about the nature of the crime, if they were there to witness it.

Security guard work is exciting work. Working with detectives is common practice for some security guards. To learn more about how security guards and detectives can help your business, contact United American Security.

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