Security Guards and Reporting

Keeping Track of Details

One of the main jobs of security guards is to record the day-to-day activities at work. While it may seem tedious, having detailed records of what goes on can actually help to pinpoint a criminal at a later date, should a crime occur. While you may think that this means you're off the hook for worrying about any job details related to security, think again. It's important that you, as a business owner, read these reports! Why? Well, you also want to be familiar with any suspicious activity. Here's how you can maximize security guards and reporting at your workplace to make sure it's the safest it can be.

Be Briefs.

If your security guard is known to type out pages and pages of reporting notes, you can request a brief summary from him or her, so you can save some time reading over the details. A brief can make it easier for you to digest information. Furthermore, consider how you want to this information to be delivered. Perhaps a daily email with a few sentences about what happened the day before works for you. Or, if you want a printed copy that summarizes the week, that could be a good idea too. Basically, the format is up to you, so make it easy for yourself!

Be Consistent.

Like any other department at work, consider creating a manual of sorts for security guards and reporting. You may have a format that you require for a guard to complete their reports. Consider what works best for you and what would be easiest for the guard and then be consistent. For example, handwritten notes may begin to get sloppy and disorganized. Create consistency by requesting typed out notes, or whatever format you like, to be sure that all the records are uniform, in case you should need them.

Be Secure.

Like all other sensitive company data, you should have a designated place for your security briefs. Also, it's best to have hard copies of these reports printed out, should you need to present them as evidence to authorities. It is recommended that you keep security guard reports in a separate folder with its own designation and keep them organized by date/month. This way, all the details you need regarding your business's safety and security are stored in one central place.

As stated above, reporting is a crucial part of a successful security guard's job. To learn more about hiring a security guard who is skilled in reporting, contact United American Security.

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