Stolen Car Stress Increased with City-Imposed Fees - Indianapolis, IN

IMPD has announced a new city ordinance that has many area residents smiling. Did you know that if your stolen car is recovered and sent to the municipal lot you would have previously been charged with towing and storage fees? Residents rightly proclaimed that this was really adding insult to injury after having their vehicle stolen. Indianapolis residents will now be notified right away that their vehicle was recovered and they will have seven days to come and get their vehicle before any fines are imposed.

Car theft remains a problem in the Indianapolis metropolitan area, and residents are glad that the city council is working to make the experience less stressful. While the best remedy is to not have your car stolen in the first place, it will be nice to know that you won't also receive fines from the city. Protecting your vehicle can be the best remedy to theft, and if your car is never stolen, you'll never have to worry about fees!

The police always recommend that you keep your car locked and never keep valuables on the seat or otherwise visible. If you live in an apartment complex or park all day in an office park, you may be more at risk. Police advise that anywhere where there is a high quantity of cars in a small area is more attractive to thieves. Find out if your complex or office park provides on-site security that patrols parking lots and garages, as this measure is one of the most effective deterrents to theft. 

It is always a good idea to provide on-site security to your residents or business tenants to protect their property and provide a safe living or working environment. The team at UAS is here to provide the security services that keep you and your vehicle safe.

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