Three Security Guard Truths

Do you know about security guards?

Security guards perform a wide range of duties and have various responsibilities, depending on the job at hand. While some may think that security guards are simply "rent-a-cops", or are not that effective at keeping people safe, this is definitely a misconception. To reduce the negative stereotypes that people have about security guards, we are sharing three security guard truths. Read on to find out facts about security guards and how they help to keep businesses and individuals safe.

Truth 1: Security Guards are Trained.

Security guard trainings vary by state, but for the most part, every state requires security guards to at least hold a license for their job, and the license must be renewed. In fact, many states require at least several hours of training for unarmed security guards. Armed security guards need more extensive training to show they can safely handle a weapon. Security guards are appropriately trained for specific situations that they may encounter in their work environment.

2. Security Guards are Mobile.

Some may think that security guards simply sit behind a desk, monitoring CCTV feeds for bay guys. On the contrary, security guards often have jobs that require them to be quite mobile. For example, security guards will often monitor areas by foot, bike, or car. Places like public parks, neighborhood associations, malls, and hospitals require security guards to be mobile. While security guards may, in fact, be required to spend some time at a desk, more often than not, you will find them on the move.

3. Security Guards Are Affordable.

The last of the three security guard truths is a good one - security guards are affordable! Security guards can be a cost effective way to help cut back on employee theft, or to reduce the risk of losing large amounts of goods due to other ways that security can be breached.

If you are thinking about hiring a security guard for your company, United American Security employs security guards throughout the United States. To learn more about hiring a security guard, contact us today.

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