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Theft of company materials by employees is often overlooked when firms sit down to draw up their security plans. In a perfect world, companies only need to protect themselves from outside forces, but unfortunately, that is not reality. When a group of employees, such as the Bardstown men in this 2016 article, conspire to steal from their company, it can be difficult to prevent. Internal theft can account for sizable losses and can often go on for serious amounts of time without detection. When you are crafting your comprehensive security plan, don't forget to create a solution for internal theft and malfeasance. Risk assessments that don't include internal threats are incomplete and can leave you vulnerable to loss.

A comprehensive risk assessment can help your firm protect itself from threats, both internal and external. In addition to physical threats that can be addressed with manpower, a comprehensive security plan also includes risk assessment of theft and damage caused by internal forces. Inventory control is one effective way to minimize the risk of theft and keep your company safe. When your perimeter is secure and your property is safe from trespassers, it only makes sense to look inward and patch any gaps that could lead to employee theft.

The Bardstown, KY UAS security team provides a full range of safety services, from the physical security of your property to risk assessment for your internal safety. If you are worried that you don't have the safety measures in place to prevent employee theft, it's time to beef up your security plan. Our team is here to work with you and establish a comprehensive plan that protects you from all crime, no matter the source. Contact us today to learn more about how our security team can put the right plan in place for you.

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