High Rise Security

Security for high rise and vertical environments is a delicate balance People coming and going, the continual up and down of the elevator, the whizzing of the revolving doors … lunch time at another office building. With so many on the move, proper access control and security are critical for worker’s safety. Uncontrolled access puts both tenants, visitors, and the building itself at risk. 2009, Orlando FL office building; A tenant’s former employee, entered the building shooting 5 people and killing another. Jason Rodriguez who had been terminated from his job back in 2007 and allegedly felt that his former employer had left him to rot. ABC News 1999, ATLANTA, GA; Shootings in an Office Building Scenes of chaos, blood and death. Workers left two Atlanta office buildings where a day trader apparently shot nine people to death yesterday and wounded seven others. New York Times The public presence of readily identifiable, professional security personnel shapes your tenant’s opinion of building management. Behind the scenes vigilance to the myriad of challenges of securing both the people and the mechanical operation of a vertical environment requires a committed, experienced security team. Industrial Security Service invests the time and resources to determine your specific security requirements. Our approach to high rise security is proactive and is custom designed with procedures and policies to ensure consistent adherence to your security plan. We want to make certain that your tenants are safe within the spaces they occupy. Security personnel undergo training programs, modeled after BOMA International requirements, to ensure a high level of service. “Two of the biggest security improvements since Sept. 11 —...
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