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Corporate Security

You don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression – are your contract security guards the first contact for your visitors? 
Appearance, courtesy and professionalism are absolutes when providing corporate security. United American Security’s guards wear custom uniforms to reflect your unique corporate image. Daily responsibilities are handled professionally, while unique events call upon their security training.
United American Security is committed to ongoing training and regular reviews of our security guards. This ensures our security officers project the appearance and perform the duties on a daily basis that your organization expects. Whether at the gate, the dock or in the executive suite, United American Security’s guards are professional, sharp and reliable.

Security Services Include:


Power Systems Management

UAS provides your company with security so that you can manage your power systems and electrical needs appropriately

Visitor / Tenant Escorts

United American Security has tried and tested procedures to escort employees and visitors through your premises safely and securely

Emergency Response / Life Safety & Evacuation

UAS can facilitate your company’s emergency response to evacuate personnel in life-threatening or dangerous situations

Internal / External Mail Control

UAS provides security to your facilities management personnel which includes internal and external mail control

Reception Services

United American Security provides you with a courteous, professional and safe reception area for your staff, guests and building

Report Writing

UAS reporting protocols and procedures ensure you have accurate, written and / or photographic documentation required for any incident that occur at your business

Loss Prevention

UAS security guards deter crime and can actively manage loss prevention for your business

Security Console / Control Room Central Station Operations

UAS actively guards and monitors your assets from an on-site or off-site security console, control room or central operations station

Access Control

Proactive monitoring and control over who has access to your buildings, assets and other facilities

Facilities Oversight

Having UAS guards onsite gives you maximum protection and oversight of your facilities

Mobile / Foot Patrols

Achieve maximum active security patrol throughout your facilities using United American Security professional mobile foot patrols

Typical Compliance Needs That UAS Supports:


Terrorism Awareness and Prevention (TPA)

UAS can provide proactive terrorism security in observe & report roles for bomb threats, vandalism or suspicious persons or vehicles. UAS can perform a thorough TPA assessment for clients when requested


UAS facilitates cross-border trade and complies with any logistics and customs regulations


UAS can provide you and your company with clarity and security related to Chemical-terrorism Vulnerability Information

AED/ O2/ Blood Bourne Pathogens

UAS guards are trained to follow necessary procedures to safely handle incidents related to on-the-job heart attacks or other medical conditions

First Aid / EMT / CPR

UAS provides training to all guards related to any on-site medical emergencies and coordinates with first responders to ensure safety and security for your staff


UAS understands and protects your maritime and water-related equipment and perimeter


UAS understands and complies with government regulations related to maritime security, port and ship access and worker identification protocols

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