Were you over promised and under delivered by your contract security service?


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All Security Guard companies are the same. Why should I switch to United American Security?

All security guard companies are not the same and the differences can be significant. Guard service is a business service that is delivered by people. All companies need systems, sophistication and processes and UAS has some of the best, but what sets us apart are the people that deliver the service. Our highly qualified and stable management team allows us to concentrate on our customers’ needs and deliver the quality service they expect. In addition, our customers express their complete satisfaction with our reliable, dependable guard service year after year.

Why should you choose a regional security guard supplier over a national company?

The trends today are towards the best local management. National companies can and do have good operations, but consistency and turnover are real problems. A good service experience in one market does not guarantee a good experience in another market. In contrast, UAS, a regional supplier, has focused capabilities and a better understanding of local influences, such as employment, risks and threats, regulation and liabilities. Our local management has the responsibility, accountability and authority to address issues quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, our narrow geographic focus allows us to concentrate resources and manage our customers’ needs.

How can United American Security ease the transition when changing unarmed security guard service providers?

As part of our quality system, we have a written plan that outlines our timeline and responsibilities during the transition period. The transition of service often concerns customers but our proven transition plan will ease your worries.

If I am interested in learning more about UAS, what steps should I take?

Email us at [email protected] or call us at 800-641-4626 and we will be glad to discuss our security guard services in more detail.
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