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We provide security guards and patrol officers for long and short-term security needs. Our security officers are professionally trained and prepared to handle your unique security needs. United American Security’s guards protect commercial, industrial, governmental, and institutional assets.


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Manufacturing Facilities 

As a manufacturer, your customers expect you to get it right, on time, and exactly as specified. United American Security gets it. We provide manufacturing security services exactly as specified by our industrial customers – 24/7/365. Our customers stay with us because we don’t let them down. 

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Just-in-time inventory management requires a distribution operation that runs flawlessly. Security is an integral part of ensuring the integrity of your warehousing operation. This can include access control, yard management, and patrols. United American Security will deliver dependable, reliable security service exactly as requested.  

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We are one of the leading providers of physical security guards to the distilled spirits industry. We provide distillery security solutions to some of the country’s largest producers. This experience transfers to your peace of mind when it comes to safety and security procedures, as well as environmental impact. 

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Banking and Financial 

In today’s dangerous world, a vigorous security plan is a wise investment and an absolute necessity. We work directly with financial institutions to implement vital security programs. Our experience and commitment translate to consistent monitoring and constant vigilance in the delivery of your financial institution’s security. 

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Oil & Gas Industry 

We work with you to develop specific post orders and safety plans for your facilities. This includes access control, perimeter security, control room monitoring, and more.  We secure oil fields, tank farms, refinery operations, equipment storage areas, office facilities, truck yards, and more. 

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From individual retail store greeters to shopping mall security teams, we have options to suit your needs and budget. Our security training specifically addresses appearance, courtesy, and professionalism with regard to a retail scenario. Our security guards will be in uniforms that can be customized to reflect your brand identity.  

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Corporate Security 

Appearance, courtesy, and professionalism are absolutes when providing corporate security. Our security guards wear custom uniforms to reflect your unique corporate image. Daily responsibilities are handled professionally, while unique events call upon their security training. 

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United American Security has expertise in securing hospitals and health care providers. Our current clients include large hospitals, specialty surgical centers, and other healthcare related facilities. We understand what it takes to secure your facilities so your staff can focus on their jobs. 

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Gated Communities 

United American Security provides security guards and officers for access control points and staff gatehouses, as well as for foot and vehicle patrols for residential, resort, and commercial properties. 

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High Rise Buildings 

High rise facility security requires a thorough understanding of the unique challenges associated with vertical environments. The public presence of readily identifiable, professional security guards shapes your tenants' opinion of building management and its safety. We also work behind the scenes securing both people and mechanical operation. 

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Chemical and Petrochemical Plants 

We provide Chemical and Petrochemical Plant Security solutions to meet the strict security regulations governing the chemical industry. The pressures you face in developing a security plan are unique and rapidly changing. You need a security partner who can keep up. 

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We are regionally located for a regional response. With our corporate headquarters in Raleigh, North Carolina, our Midwest region headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, our Mid-Atlantic region headquartered in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and our Southern region headquartered in Tampa, Florida, United American Security is positioned to deliver a fast, local response for you.

UAS combines the best guards with the best practices. The result has been consistent growth and long-term relationships due to very satisfied clients. Because of our experienced management team and continuous improvement, our customers consistently tell us that we deliver dependable, reliable, top-quality guard services. With UAS, you can feel confident that your company will receive world-class service and superior results at competitive pricing.

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From gate guards to foot and vehicle patrols, our security guards provide complete workplace security.


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