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Oil & Gas Industry Security:

Keep your workforce, your assets, and your visitors safe

Oil & Gas facility owners and managers are responsible for creating a safe and secure environment for their workforce and visitors. At UAS, we realize that the Oil & Gas industry requires a large and diverse set of security protocols for various properties and assets. We work with you to develop specific post orders and safety plans for your facilities. This includes developing access control, perimeter security, control room monitoring and more.  We secure oil fields, tank farms, refinery operations, equipment storage areas, office facilities, truck yards and more.

Each oil & gas pipeline construction area has its own specific characteristics and level of security risks. Customized oil & gas security plans are available to keep your location secure.


Contractor / Visitor Safety Training

UAS provides risk awareness training to security personnel related to visitors and contractors in your facility or on your premises


Report Writing

UAS reporting protocols and procedures ensure you have accurate, written and / or photographic documentation required for any incident that occur at your locations


Security Console/ Control Room Central Station operations

UAS actively guards and monitors your assets from an on-site or off-site security console, control room or central operations station


Mobile / Foot Patrols

Achieve maximum active security patrol throughout your facilities and plants using United American Security professional mobile foot patrols


Emergency Notification

UAS works within the emergency protocols of your facility to provide notification to those employees and visitors onsite, which can mitigate or prevent disasters


Incident Response

UAS has years of experience handling various incidents at oil & gas facilities in order to minimize risks to your business and your people


Vehicle Inspection Compliance

UAS can provide a secure and safe environment to conduct vehicle inspections and ensure vehicle inspection compliance


Access control

Proactive monitoring and control over who has access to your buildings, assets, operations and other facilities

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