Vehicle Patrols

If your business is looking for a comprehensive safety solution, United American Security (UAS) can provide staffed vehicle patrols to give you the security you need. 

Vehicle patrols give you the coverage you need in order to best protect your assets. If your firm is spread out or you have a large warehouse that necessitates motorized vehicles to get around, your security guards should have the same vehicles.

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Cover more ground with vehicle patrols.

Trained in Security Compliance

Terrorism Awareness and Prevention (TAP)

UAS can provide proactive terrorism security in observing & reporting roles for bomb threats, vandalism, or suspicious persons or vehicles. UAS can perform a thorough TAP assessment for clients when requested.

AED / O2 / Blood Bourne Pathogens

UAS can provide guards who are trained to follow necessary procedures to safely handle incidents related to on-the-job heart attacks or other medical conditions.

MARSC / TWIC / Maritime

UAS understands and protects your maritime and water-related equipment and perimeter. UAS comply with government regulations related to maritime security, port and ship access, and worker identification protocols.


UAS facilitates cross-border trade and complies with any logistics and customs regulations.

First Aid / EMT / CPR

UAS can provide officers who are specifically trained to handle any issues related to an on-site medical emergency and coordinate with first responders to ensure safety and security for your staff.


UAS can provide you and your company with clarity and security related to Chemical-terrorism Vulnerability Information.

Vehicle patrol services

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Vehicle patrols help security guards protect large areas.

We have experience with firms small and large, and we have the know-how to patrol large areas in a timely manner. Don't be lulled into thinking that a security plan that utilizes only stationary guards can keep you safe. With motorized patrols, our staff can provide the necessary security to stay safe from theft, vandalism, and trespassers. 

We can use a variety of different vehicles based on the patrols you need, and we can even implement different types of vehicle use throughout the day. With a vehicle patrol that includes different types of vehicles, the security team is able to monitor a lot of territory so that your assets are protected at all times. Interested in finding out more about how our vehicle patrols can help your firm? UAS is here and ready to talk about how our team can meet your protection needs. We welcome the opportunity to meet with you to create a comprehensive security protocol.

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From gate guards to foot and vehicle patrols, our security guards provide complete workplace security.


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Start your unarmed or armed security guard training with UAS. We provide the necessary training to get you started and keep you current.


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