Active Shooter & How To Respond: Training Update

Over the next couple of months, the UAS management/ training team will be conducting the Active Shooter training for all site managers and officers throughout our company.  At UAS, we believe that well trained and safety conscious security officers provide better service and support to our clients. This is why we provide our security staff with the resources and training necessary to address evolving site requirements and procedures as well as prepare them for emergencies that may arise. We all have a responsibility to perform activities deemed prudent and realistic, with the goal of offering as safe a workplace as possible, while continuing to deliver the essential products and services.  The training objectives will be: ¨ Profile of an Active Shooter ¨ How to respond ¨ What to expect when law enforcement arrives ¨ Critical information & training

The Importance of Effective Post Orders

Our customers have learned to expect clear, well written Post Orders.  UAS takes pride in producing well written, easy to use instructions that gives the security guard working the site a clear understanding of his/her responsibilities by merely referring to the security guard manual.  We take time during the transition process to make sure we have a clear understanding of the customer requirements and we translate that into Post Orders that are among the finest in the industry.  Additionally,  they are update every year. Post Orders, which are also often referred to as security guard manuals, are the written guidelines that cover the security operations at a facility. In addition to directing officers on how to service a location, they also provide instructions on how to specifically respond to predictable situations that may occur. Clearly defined post orders outline expectations and requirements, which as a result, improves accountability and protects both the client and the security service provider from potential liability risks. Because each client and site is different, officers cannot be expected to operate efficiently without definitive guidelines. Unlike generic security procedures, UAS maintains post orders that are site and post specific. They provide a detailed outline of the duties that our officers are expected to perform.  UAS creates the post orders based on the clients input. Once the post orders have been created, reviewed and have received final approval from the client, UAS then ensures that the guards have easy access to a copy at all times. It is common at our client sites to have procedure changes and new security issues arise throughout the year. In...

Quality Surveys

Quality Surveys In the search for continuous improvement, we asked our clients to participate in our annual survey and give us some feedback about our progress in delivering the best security service. UAS is always seeking the best practices and methods of refining procedures to make them more effective. This is why we welcome the feedback from our clients.  We are pleased to report that for 2012 our quality ratings have continued to improve significantly. UAS- Midwest Group President John Andrews noted “The improvement year after year is really rewarding.  Our officers, site managers and operations managers deserve the credit.   We were pleased with the scores since we began our quality survey reporting, and each year we have shown continuous improvement.  I would like to extend my sincere thanks to all our customers that participated again this year.  Your feedback is so essential to our success. “   Our clients believe that our greatest strengths are: Good Communication and dedicated management Guards are dependable and show good customer service Stability of Management and customized support from UAS Little turnover and the site managers go above and beyond Getting guards on short notice and flexibility with scheduling Employee dedication and attentiveness to detail UAS does what is right for the customer We would like to thank each and every one of our clients for participating in the survey and allowing us to continue to service your business with; The Best People .The Best Practice. The Best Guards. ...

‘Pandemic Flu. How to Prepare and Respond’ by Industrial Security Service, Inc.

  Training Update ‘Pandemic Flu. How to Prepare and Respond’ Industrial Security Service, Inc. understands the importance of effective training in order to meet and exceed the needs of its clients, officers, as well as the continually rising demands of everyday work demands.  Pandemic planning requires that people and entities not accustomed to responding to health crises understand the actions and priorities required to prepare for and respond to these potential risks. Over the next couple of months, the ISS management/ training team will be conducting the ’Pandemic flu. How to Prepare and Respond’ training for all site managers and officers within the company.   The training objectives will be: Recognize the risks Identify flu symptoms Prevent the spread of infection Prepare for and deal with a Pandemic at work and at home. Know what to do if you get sick  We all have a responsibility to perform activities deemed prudent and realistic, with the goal of offering as safe a workplace as possible, while continuing to deliver the essential products and services. Along with the Pandemic training, ISS corporate will be supplying each site where our officers are posted with Hand Sanitizers for when soap and water are not readily available....
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