‘Pandemic Flu. How to Prepare and Respond’ by Industrial Security Service, Inc.

  Training Update ‘Pandemic Flu. How to Prepare and Respond’ Industrial Security Service, Inc. understands the importance of effective training in order to meet and exceed the needs of its clients, officers, as well as the continually rising demands of everyday work demands.  Pandemic planning requires that people and entities not accustomed to responding to health crises understand the actions and priorities required to prepare for and respond to these potential risks. Over the next couple of months, the ISS management/ training team will be conducting the ’Pandemic flu. How to Prepare and Respond’ training for all site managers and officers within the company.   The training objectives will be: Recognize the risks Identify flu symptoms Prevent the spread of infection Prepare for and deal with a Pandemic at work and at home. Know what to do if you get sick  We all have a responsibility to perform activities deemed prudent and realistic, with the goal of offering as safe a workplace as possible, while continuing to deliver the essential products and services. Along with the Pandemic training, ISS corporate will be supplying each site where our officers are posted with Hand Sanitizers for when soap and water are not readily available....
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