Security Guards Minimize Theft

According to Wikipedia, a security guard is a person hired to protect an employer’s assets (property, people, equipment, money, etc.) from a variety of hazards (such as waste, damaged property, unsafe worker behavior, criminal activity such as theft, etc.) by using preventative measures. They do this by maintaining a high-visibility presence to deter illegal and inappropriate actions, by observing for signs of crime, fire or disorder, and by then taking action to minimize damage.   Depending on the nature of your business, the duties of a security guard will vary, but one of those illegal actions a security guard can deter is theft. Security Guards Minimize Theft There are various reasons why you should consider hiring a security guard to protect your business assets.  First and foremost, having a security guard on the premises will minimize theft. Having a security guard on site deters employees and customers from stealing.  According to 2015 data from the National Retail Federation (NRF), U.S. retailers experienced $44 billion in losses due to inventory shrinkage in the year prior. Organized retail crime and shoplifting accounted for 38 percent of those losses, while internal theft and assorted administrative errors accounted for 35 percent and 17 percent, respectively.  This is a problem. Whether the security guard makes regular patrols, monitors surveillance cameras, or helps you physically control access to your inventory, having a security guard on site reduces theft.  The National Association for Shoplifting Prevention(NASP) conducted a survey which found that around 73% of shoplifting incidents are not premeditated. With proper deterrents in place, shoplifters are much less likely to actually act on their impulses.  Seeing a security... read more
What Makes a Top Notch Security Guard?

What Makes a Top Notch Security Guard?

What makes a top notch security guard? You might be surprised to know that many of the qualities you look for in a top notch security guard are the same as those you want in your best employees.  Some skills are essential to making your security guard one of the most valuable members of your team. First of all, a top notch security guard needs the communication skills necessary to interface with the public in a positive and non-confrontational way.  Your security guard represents you with customers and employees so you want someone who is personable and professional at all times.  Even without saying a word, a good security guard acts as a visual deterrent to criminals without having to resort to weapons, so you must have someone who connects well with others in a low-key and respectful manner. Secondly, a top notch security guard is observant.  He or she needs to be alert to changes in their environment while paying attention to the comings-and-goings of those around them.  They need to be able to “read” a situation quickly and accurately, even in a fast-paced situation.  Sometimes, a guard may need to deescalate a tense situation or convince a person to leave the premises without touching them.  They may need to give or take orders.  Flexibility is the key here – so is a guard’s ability to read a situation and respond accordingly. Thirdly, a top notch security guard, like a guard provided by United American Security, is reliable.  This  means not only being on time but being someone you can count on.  Your security guard serves as your... read more

Protect Your Business Assets

Protecting your assets is a key concern if you own a business.  As a business owner, you make decisions everyday that affect your bottom line, including how to keep safe what is important to your continued success.  What is an ideal security plan for your business? Protect Your Business Assets: Analyze Needs This may seem like a daunting question, but a thorough analysis of your current assets and who has access to them is a good place to start.  Your assets include your facility, of course, but can also include customer data, merchandise and equipment. And access is not just from the obvious sources, your employees.  You should also consider property managers, cleaning crews, other companies’ employees if you share space, and vendors.  They all have contact with you and the assets you need to protect to stay in business.  A security plan needs to consider all of these variables to be effective. Once you have done that analysis, then you can work with an outside security firm such as United American Security to balance your risks and your budget.  Here are some key considerations: What are your physical security needs?  Of course you will consider upgrading the locks on any doors and windows.  But, depending on your office size and physical layout, you might consider a video surveillance system or motion sensors to trigger targeted lighting. Your business might also benefit from environmental hazard detection if you work with sensitive materials. What are your IT security requirements? Security experts can help you secure your Wi-Fi connection as well as install an intrusion detection system if appropriate. What kind of... read more
Security Guard Supervision

Security Guard Supervision

Security Guard Supervision: “An Investment in the Client” When it comes to meeting the needs of its security services clients, United American Security is all about going the extra mile. And nowhere is this approach more apparent than in UAS’s commitment to supervision. At United American Security, an on-site or field supervisor is part of every client’s team, a stable presence to ensure that security guards are meeting their customers’ needs and back-up is available should it become necessary. According to United American Security CEO Stephen Levine, “Our clients are paying to have a service performed. We ensure they get what they paying for.” Superior Supervisors, Superior Guards United American Security employs a simple, standing weekly hours equation to determine whether it assigns an on-site supervisor or a field supervisor to a particular site. In both cases, the supervisor is recognizable and extremely familiar with the guards, the post, and the client. “Our supervisors review post orders and know the orders as well as the guards,” says Levine, “so if they should have to step in, there is no a drop off in quality.” Firmly committed to best security guard practices, United American Security hires only proven professionals to fill security supervisor vacancies. By employing sharp and experienced leaders, UAS is able to guarantee clients that their security guards will report prepared, on-time, and in uniform. Guards, for their part, appreciate the support and back-up. Further, under the mentorship of expert site supervisors, security guards strive for equally high standards. As any human resources director can attest, superior supervisors inspire superior employees. Standing Out Of course, supervision is not... read more
Hiring a Security Guard Impacts Your Bottom Line

Hiring a Security Guard Impacts Your Bottom Line

Hiring a security guard impacts your bottom line.  Every month it seems there is an ever-changing set of factors that impacts your financial success as a business owner:  overall sales, employee turnover, marketing efforts, on-the-job accidents, insurance costs and even loss of stock.  How to safeguard your investment and maximize your profits is an ongoing challenge.  One strategy to protect your assets and send a message of safety to customers and employees is to hire a security guard. How Can a Security Guard Help? First of all, you may not know if problems exist unless you already have robust inventory management system in place.  Let’s just look at one security issue, that of “inventory shrinkage.” According to 2015 data from the National Retail Federation (NRF), U.S. retailers experienced $44 billion in losses due to inventory shrinkage in the year prior. Organized retail crime and shoplifting accounted for 38 percent of those losses, while internal theft and assorted administrative errors accounted for 35 percent and 17 percent, respectively. Vendor fraud and theft can also be significant sources of shrinkage. A security guard can help you analyze your situation and pinpoint the source of problems in your facility.  Do you have inventory shrinkage?  If so, is it due to shoplifting or employees who are helping themselves to inventory?  To answer that question, you and your security guard will first want to enhance security in the areas where you store your inventory.  You might consider installing cameras to monitor certain areas and putting up signage that lets people know they are under surveillance.   The security guard can also assist you in limiting access through special... read more
United American Security acquires Ft. Knox Protection in Desoto and South Padre Island Texas

United American Security acquires Ft. Knox Protection in Desoto and South Padre Island Texas

Recent UAS Acquisition: “Excellent Experience” for Texas Security Services Company United American Security acquires Ft. Knox Protection. Vince DeGeorge was amazed at how organized and accessible United American Security was throughout the acquisition process of his company, Fort Knox Protection, Inc. He calls Scott Kaeser, his lead contact during the merger, “Superman” for his superhero attention to DeGeorge, “They made sure everything was taken care of,” DeGeorge says. Growing UAS’s Presence Fort Knox Protection, Inc., specialized in meeting the security services needs for resorts, hospitals, and NASCAR. Now those clients, who date back 15 to 20 years, are part of United American Security—an occurrence that resulted in the doubling of UAS’s presence in Dallas, and the addition of new UAS locations in the Rio Grande Valley (McAllen/Brownsville/South Padre Island). “I have a close relationship with all of my clients,” says DeGeorge. “They all came over to United American Security with me.” Shared Philosophies This “close relationship” DeGeorge maintained was not an accident. “When a client would sign on with us, we made a vow to be there for them, make sure there were no problems, and take care of their business,” DeGeorge explains. “They would become part of our family.” And it was the fact that United American Security shared this approach that attracted DeGeorge to UAS as a partner. “United American Security has the same philosophy,” DeGeorge explains. UAS clients are able to connect with him, or another supervisor, at any hour of any day. The exceptional customer service that United American Security provides is not typical of what other larger, security guard companies offer. For example, the... read more

United American Security Provides Superior Services

United American Security Provides Superior Services United American Security provides superior services to you and your employees by protecting your assets. While there are numerous companies you can choose to address short or long term security needs, United American Security offers the best combination of price and service.  You will certainly find other companies that promise to handle those needs, but we guarantee that you won’t find a company that out-performs or out-delivers United American Security. Why is United American Security the Best? How can we make that claim?  First of all, consider our history.  United American Security was incorporated in 2010 by combining three top tier companies which had extensive experience in the security business: Eagle Security, Industrial Security Service, LLC, and Leonard Security Services. This corporate consolidation meant that United American  Security could meet a wide variety of client needs by employing over 3,000 security professionals.  Currently we serve clients throughout the U.S. with regional offices located in these key areas: Midwest Headquarters (Cleveland): (216) 898-9970 Mid-Atlantic Headquarters (Virginia Beach): (757) 495-0145 Florida Headquarters (Tampa): (727) 873-7993 Texas Headquarters (Houston): (281) 664-1297 Secondly, consider the training our security professionals receive.  We don’t put anyone in uniform who has not been professionally trained and prepared to handle your unique security needs.  Many of our officers are well-trained in crisis and emergency management. Whenever the situation demands, our officers are up to the task, and they put themselves on the line to ensure you and your property are safe & sound. We tailor our training to the specific needs of your business.  Currently operating in eighteen states, United American Security’s security guards and officers... read more

Security Guards Save You Money

Security Guards Increase Your Bottom Line Security guards save you money as a business owner.  Have you ever considered hiring a security guard to increase your bottom line?   There are multiple reasons to hire United American Security to protect your assets.  This can include hiring a security guard to protect your building, your employees, your equipment, even your cash on hand – all assets can be lost or damaged through criminal activity such as theft or vandalism, but also by severe weather, unsafe worker behavior or waste. You hire a security guard to maintain high-visibility and to deter illegal and inappropriate actions.  The guard watches over your property or employees by direct observation or by means of an internal alarm or video system.  If something is amiss, your security guard documents all incidents and warns and escorts trespassers off your property or calls emergency services, such as police or other first responders when appropriate.  You benefit from additional eyes and ears by reducing the costs associated with your lost or damaged assets. Security Guards Minimize Your Risks To minimize risk to your business, you should consider three inter-related policy components:  1) workplace security; 2) emergency planning; and 3) the proper insurance coverage.  Increasing  your workplace security is where hiring a security guard comes into play.  But before you decide to use security guards, you should ask your insurance agent about how this affects your liability coverage. If your guards will be armed, or if you will be using unattended guard dogs, you don’t want to incur liability by being sued by an intruder.  Your insurance agent will protect... read more

Security Services in Texas: A “No Brainer” Choice for a Texas Security Company Owner

Security Services in Texas: A “No Brainer” Choice for a Texas Security Company Owner Jeff Moore, the owner of Top Gun Security and Investigations, completed the paperwork to officially merge his security services company with United American Security on April 19 2017. It was his birthday and “the best birthday present I’ve ever received,” he says. Indeed, it was a win for all involved and the feeling Moore experienced after the final signing was mutual. With the acquisition of Top Gun Security, United American Security tripled its presence in Texas, doubling its presence in Houston and creating new United American Security locations in Dallas, San Antonio, Corpus Christie and Austin.  United American Security is now able to provide better security services to more clients throughout the Lone Star State. Focus on Customer Service “My biggest concern was keeping the employees who had been with me for as long as 15 years,” Moore says. “These people helped me grow my company. United American Security was happy to have them, and that was extremely important to me.” United American Security as welcoming as he could have imagined. UAS subscribes to an open door philosophy, he says, and management is in constant and close contact with all levels of staff. He describes an atmosphere where there are no barriers in communication between security guards, field officers, supervisors, corporate staff, and executive management. “Heck, even the CEO made his cell phone number available to every employee that transitioned from Top Gun. How often does that happen?” As for the staff that followed Moore, “They love the new benefits.” United American Security has the... read more

UAS Doubles its Security Services in Southeast Florida through a “Seamless” Acquisition

UAS Doubles its Security Services in Southeast Florida through a “Seamless” Acquisition Mitch Price had no interest in selling his southeast Florida security guard company. Florida State Security Services, Inc.(FSS, was based in West Palm Beach Florida and Price had been happily running the firm for nearly 20 years. But a close colleague in the security services industry urged him to keep his mind open. With this counsel in mind, late last year, when United American Security approached Price, he agreed to a meeting. In fairly short order, Price was convinced that a merger was the right move. He hired Keith Oringer of Security ProAdvisors (, and within weeks, a professional and positive transaction with United American Security was finalized. “Even though United American Security was a much bigger company, their local security and customer service model fit my company’s culture perfectly,” Price explains. “They were able to provide the same service and attention to detail as a small, local company, but with the financial resources of a much larger partner. If I was going to take that leap – to sell my company—I wanted to turn it over to a security services firm that had the same philosophy as I did.” A Customer Service Approach to Security Guards United American Security is indeed known for its superior customer service. With 24/7 access to a supervisor who knows each client’s situation, customers enjoy continuous monitoring and resources to meet their every need. “United American Security provides the customer service model in an industry where strong customer service is sorely lacking,” Price adds. “I feel very comfortable with the... read more


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