Security Guards Save You Money

Security Guards Increase Your Bottom Line Security guards save you money as a business owner.  Have you ever considered hiring a security guard to increase your bottom line?   There are multiple reasons to hire United American Security to protect your assets.  This can include hiring a security guard to protect your building, your employees, your equipment, even your cash on hand – all assets can be lost or damaged through criminal activity such as theft or vandalism, but also by severe weather, unsafe worker behavior or waste. You hire a security guard to maintain high-visibility and to deter illegal and inappropriate actions.  The guard watches over your property or employees by direct observation or by means of an internal alarm or video system.  If something is amiss, your security guard documents all incidents and warns and escorts trespassers off your property or calls emergency services, such as police or other first responders when appropriate.  You benefit from additional eyes and ears by reducing the costs associated with your lost or damaged assets. Security Guards Minimize Your Risks To minimize risk to your business, you should consider three inter-related policy components:  1) workplace security; 2) emergency planning; and 3) the proper insurance coverage.  Increasing  your workplace security is where hiring a security guard comes into play.  But before you decide to use security guards, you should ask your insurance agent about how this affects your liability coverage. If your guards will be armed, or if you will be using unattended guard dogs, you don’t want to incur liability by being sued by an intruder.  Your insurance agent will protect... read more

Security Services in Texas: A “No Brainer” Choice for a Texas Security Company Owner

Security Services in Texas: A “No Brainer” Choice for a Texas Security Company Owner Jeff Moore, the owner of Top Gun Security and Investigations, completed the paperwork to officially merge his security services company with United American Security on April 19 2017. It was his birthday and “the best birthday present I’ve ever received,” he says. Indeed, it was a win for all involved and the feeling Moore experienced after the final signing was mutual. With the acquisition of Top Gun Security, United American Security tripled its presence in Texas, doubling its presence in Houston and creating new United American Security locations in Dallas, San Antonio, Corpus Christie and Austin.  United American Security is now able to provide better security services to more clients throughout the Lone Star State. Focus on Customer Service “My biggest concern was keeping the employees who had been with me for as long as 15 years,” Moore says. “These people helped me grow my company. United American Security was happy to have them, and that was extremely important to me.” United American Security as welcoming as he could have imagined. UAS subscribes to an open door philosophy, he says, and management is in constant and close contact with all levels of staff. He describes an atmosphere where there are no barriers in communication between security guards, field officers, supervisors, corporate staff, and executive management. “Heck, even the CEO made his cell phone number available to every employee that transitioned from Top Gun. How often does that happen?” As for the staff that followed Moore, “They love the new benefits.” United American Security has the... read more

UAS Doubles its Security Services in Southeast Florida through a “Seamless” Acquisition

UAS Doubles its Security Services in Southeast Florida through a “Seamless” Acquisition Mitch Price had no interest in selling his southeast Florida security guard company. Florida State Security Services, Inc.(FSS, was based in West Palm Beach Florida and Price had been happily running the firm for nearly 20 years. But a close colleague in the security services industry urged him to keep his mind open. With this counsel in mind, late last year, when United American Security approached Price, he agreed to a meeting. In fairly short order, Price was convinced that a merger was the right move. He hired Keith Oringer of Security ProAdvisors (, and within weeks, a professional and positive transaction with United American Security was finalized. “Even though United American Security was a much bigger company, their local security and customer service model fit my company’s culture perfectly,” Price explains. “They were able to provide the same service and attention to detail as a small, local company, but with the financial resources of a much larger partner. If I was going to take that leap – to sell my company—I wanted to turn it over to a security services firm that had the same philosophy as I did.” A Customer Service Approach to Security Guards United American Security is indeed known for its superior customer service. With 24/7 access to a supervisor who knows each client’s situation, customers enjoy continuous monitoring and resources to meet their every need. “United American Security provides the customer service model in an industry where strong customer service is sorely lacking,” Price adds. “I feel very comfortable with the... read more

Security Services in Houston

United American Security Offers Security Services in Houston With over two dozen clients served in and around Houston, United American Security has certainly made a name for itself as a premier security guard company in Texas.  Our expansion is just beginning! More high-end security services are coming to the Lone Star State as UAS looks to have offices in Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, and the Valley by the end of 2017. Jeffery Singletary serves as the Houston Regional Manager and could not be more thrilled with the firm’s local success. But he is not surprised either. The United American Security Difference Singletary remembers early conversations with United American Security when he decided to fold his security guard company into UAS and join the team in 2015.  “They wanted me to be happy, they wanted my employees to be happy, and they wanted my customers to be happy.” “This is the way UAS operates,” Singletary continues. “It’s the reason I joined forces with them, and it’s the reason we’ve been so successful growing our brand together in Texas.” Singletary is not alone in his impressions of the company. United American Security is known throughout the security industry for offering unparalleled customer service. With a personal manager who knows every client, coupled with a corporate office that provides 24/7 support, there is no delay when a customer requires service. Clients are able to reach a supervisor immediately, and that supervisor is always knowledgeable about the customer’s situation. The security guards feel the love too. With direct deposit, access to health coverage and vacation benefits, our security guards and management enjoy employment benefits... read more

Best Security Guard Services

  United American Security offers the best security guard services in the industry United American Security (UAS) is unique among the 8,000 security guard companies across the United States. Our “just right” size provides clients with an approachable manager or on-site supervisor who knows the details of your business while still providing 24/7 back-office support for administrative needs. The Big Four Unlike the larger security guard companies in the industry—Allied/Universal, U.S. Security, G4S, and Securitas—United American Security places a premium on customer service. According to Scott Kaeser, UAS Vice President, “The Big Four have become so large and impersonal, their primary focus is the bottom line. They tend to offer the lowest price but in turn also offer the lowest level of service.” At United American Security, our primary focus is the client. We act like a local guarding company, maintaining regular contact with our customers and guaranteeing thoughtful attention to every detail. Providing first-rate customer service is a UAS core value that permeates all levels of the company. We hire only the best guards, provide them with ongoing training, and pay them well. The result, unsurprisingly, is a collaborative team that provides customers with loyal, intelligent, and respectful security services. And while superior customer service is not possible at “the lowest bid,” UAS is still sensitive to its clients’ budgets. “We realize cost is an issue, and we can be competitive on price and payment terms given our scale,” adds Kaeser. For companies looking for superior services, our price tag is fair and competitive. The Smaller Fish On the other end of the spectrum are the smaller, locally... read more

Security Services in Indiana

UAS Launches Security Services in Indiana United American Security acquired Deep Blue Security in October 2016 and now provides security services in Indiana. Operating out of its Indianapolis office, UAS attends to clients as far north as Elkhart and as far south as Evansville. And expansion is underway, with UAS continuing to pursue new markets throughout the Hoosier State. Deep Blue and United American Security Are A Great Match The potential for a partnership was apparent from the first meeting as UAS and Deep Blue Security shared a similar culture and approach to customer service. Both companies drew clients from the private market, recognizing that non-government customers allow for “evergreen” contracts and the ability to pay for higher levels of service. Equally important, each company placed a premium on meeting the needs of its security guards and clients. When guards are dependable and managers are responsive, clients are loyal. As a result, and to preserve service consistency and continuity, UAS retained Deep Blue Security’s management team and security guard staff after the purchase. It was a seamless transition for all involved. We Know Every Security Guard by Name Nick George, who had been part owner of Deep Blue Security, now serves as the Indianapolis UAS Branch Manager. He was pleased to transition to the UAS team and bring so many positive relationships with him. “I know every security officer by name,” explains George. “I talk to each one of them at least once a week, if not more.” “It’s an open door policy,” George adds. “Officers know where to reach me and they know that their calls are a priority. The... read more

Selling a Security Guard Business

Interested in selling a security guard business? Mergers and acquisitions are common in the security guard industry, where more than 8,000 companies vie for the same pool of customers in the U.S. United American Security is currently acquiring great security guard businesses of all sizes. We currently service over 550 clients from 24 local offices, we are well capitalized and our executives have completed over 100 transactions in the security industry.  We have an efficient and fair acquisition process to ensure success for buyer and seller alike. Why you should choose UAS Experience isn’t the only thing that makes UAS different from other buyers; We are not looking to slash and burn staff and management to make a deal work. We work with you to determine key relationships between your staff and the customers. We maintain current personnel, bill rates and pay rates to minimize disruption to the client We offer better-than-market pricing and terms. Rather than focusing strictly on revenue, we determine your company’s value by evaluating many metrics including current standing hours per week (HPW), average bill rate, average pay rate, customer concentration and your current office staff Our process is simple. We’ve streamlined our due diligence and contracting process to save you time by asking only for the information we’ll need to in order to move to the next stage in the process We have completed deals where sellers owe past due sale taxes, payroll taxes or have factored their receivables. These issues aren’t uncommon in the security industry and they don’t scare us away from a deal We are well capitalized and experienced at doing security... read more

United American Security – Website Redesign

Welcome to the new United American Security website!  We are excited to promote our brand and our company through our new web presence.  You may notice a few changes that we’ve taken to optimize our website to meet the needs of customers and employees in today’s complex security guarding industry.  The new website is compatible on mobile devices, it’s easier to find us through online searches and we have easy-to-use links to request a quote or apply for a job at UAS.

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UAS Quarterly Safety Training: Defensive Driving

Over the next couple of months, the UAS management/ training team will be conducting the Defensive Driving training for all of our enforcement officers throughout the Midwest region.

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